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English Proficiency Training

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English communication skills will always be prized in an industry that is known for its international nature divshare 다운로드. ITCHI’s English Proficiency course is conducted by well-qualified and experienced trainers who provide practical and realistic training to elevate each student’s proficiency level for effective use in the workplace 카트라이더 러쉬스타.

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ITCHI prides itself in providing facilities that are especially designed to simulate real-life hospitality scenarios to promote the most realistic, and effective, kind of learning.

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ITCHI is made up of a dynamic team of hospitality experts that are eager to share their learnings to a new generation. Click here to view ITCHI’s unique brand of instruction.

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Besides the FREE Workshop on Service Excellence which ITCHI conducts regularly, we are now offering a 30% discount on short but effective workshops for the development of both personal and professional careers.

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