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  • Carry on hands-on learning experiences in recreating restaurant, bar, front desk and hotel scenarios using state-of the-art simulators that is built on excellent reputation of our partner hotels, thus providing up-to-date hospitality programs of outstanding quality.
  • Execute the skills learned in fully equipped 5-star training facilities which have been built in accordance with high standards to ensure a healthy, safe, and functional and stimulating environment, conducive to teaching and learning.
  • Guarantee safety and security with CCTV cameras and lockers installed to ensure protection of the students’ work, their things and their environment during class hours, thus reassuring our students and teachers remain free from distractions during school time.
  • Attain recognition from ITCHI’s international affiliations with top recruitment companies which assure a wealth of local and overseas employment opportunities to successful graduates.
  • Achieve certificates with national accreditation from TESDA ensuring strong links to the hospitality industry locally and secure courses which are recognized worldwide, providing you with the best possible career opportunities.
  • Gain priority overseas job placement in JOBSMANILA INTERNATIONAL, a member of Overseas Placement Association of the Phil. (OPAP), with potential job assistance to numerous local and international agencies.
  • Build up confidence through exciting on-the-job and management training opportunities with partner hotels and restaurants, local and overseas, like in Thailand, plus a chance of being absorbed full time.
Potential Employers
  • Engage in relevant training from quality modules and materials designed from actual 5-star luxury hotel standards and procedures. to ensure that the curricula correspond to the latest requirements and developments of the industry.
  • Acquire up to date skills and knowledge with a curriculum designed to serve both students who plan to enter the workforce upon graduation as well as students who wish to would like to shift to a new career. The curriculum is designed to develop the skills, competencies and leadership qualities that are required for a successful career in hospitality.
  • Secure essential training experiences from industry experts who prepare students for real hotel professions. They have spent time working in the field and can provide students with both theoretical and experiential knowledge.
  • Boost learning from certified trainers from diverse education backgrounds bringing a range of qualifications, skills and experience. They are deeply passionate about their subjects, as well as their students’ success!


  • World-class education served up on a platter

    Whether you aspire to be a bartender or top manager, ITCHI has cooked up everything you could possibly need to succeed. Check out the facilities and amenities available for you.

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  • Your true path towards world-class opportunities

    Learning at ITCHI promises a wealth of opportunities upon graduation. With connections to esteemed establishments here and abroad, we guarantee that your own journey to success will begin right here.

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  • The right course leads to
    a host of international prospects

    ITCHI trains with programs that provide students with a winning edge. Our trainers support extends beyond the classroom and our courses open up to a range of international opportunities that are made available.

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ITCHI prides itself in providing facilities that are especially designed to simulate real-life hospitality scenarios to promote the most realistic, and effective, kind of learning.

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ITCHI is made up of a dynamic team of hospitality experts that are eager to share their learnings to a new generation. Click here to view ITCHI’s unique brand of instruction.

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Besides the FREE Workshop on Service Excellence which ITCHI conducts regularly, we are now offering a 30% discount on short but effective workshops for the development of both personal and professional careers.

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